The Cabinet

The Cabinet is an ongoing novel on Wattpad following Francis as he tries to solve his best friend Alan’s murder. Is it the cute girl he and his friend fought over the night of his death? Is it the carnival act who predicted Alan’s death a few hours before it happened? Is it Francis himself?

Because Melanie only gets bits of energy every few months and since she’s so perfectionistic that this novel might never see daylight if it doesn’t go up this way, The Cabinet is available to read now on Wattpad.

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Once she’s finished with the final edit, the book will be available as a full download. Until then, enjoy the fact that she got out of bed today.

If you noticed the tag line on the cover, this novel is a remake of the classic movie The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (from 1919, so don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t seen it). A good thing about the movie being so old is that it’s in the public domain (which is why she tackled this behemoth in the first place), and you can watch the movie on YouTube. Or right here:

101 years old

Melanie will talk like a total nerd about this movie. Though she still loves silent movies, there was a time where that’s all she’d watch — it’s totally niche once you get into it. German Expressionism (which is what this movie started) is one of those genres that defies categorization. It’s creepy and unnerving, but not quite a horror movie like you’re used to.

The Cabinet is a modern retelling of this movie. While the imaginary sets won’t be as wonky as they were in the movie (unless you do that yourself. It’s your imagination, after all), hopefully the creepy spirit will remain throughout.