And because Melanie is either going to do everything or nothing, she’s put two books up on Wattpad at the same time. These stories aren’t half-baked, they’ve been on the drafting table for 6-8 years. If that’s not enough time to finish a novel, I don’t know what is.

Perfectionism, am I right?

Recent expat Zoë Benton stumbles upon a manuscript that takes her to a whole new world.
After a marathon reading session and a wave of dizziness, she finds herself under a pile of boxes in a record store basement in 1986 – 30 years in the past. The man who finds her is Adam, the character she’d been reading about.
While Adam hints knowing Zoë, he’s unsure how to send her back to her own time. When Adam’s jealous ex-lover won’t give Zoë peace, Zoë and Adam lay low for a while, every day falling more in love with each other.
The biggest problem? Adam died on the first page of the book, only to flash back to a happier time.
Not only must Zoë find a way back home, she has to figure out how to bring Adam with her, saving his life before the story unravels.

Read it on Wattpad.

Or to put it another way, did you ever watch that music video from a-ha and think, “I’d read a book like that”?

One of the video comments may or may not have said “someone should write a book like this” and Melanie may or may not have said to herself, “I could do that.”

There are no driver dudes with pipe wrenches in Nowhere/Anywhere. There might be a jealous ex-girlfriend with a tire iron, though. The novel isn’t a remake, but inspired by.

Enjoy the blatant 80s nostalgia grab.