Oink – Edinburgh


Oink is a pulled pork sandwich, simple as that. You know a place is good when there are more people than sitting places in an establishment (or when the line to order goes out the door, as it often does on Victoria Street). For a person like me, who gets agitated (let’s all say it, “freaked out”) by crowds, I’ll suck it up and go to Oink because it’s one of the best pulled pork sandwiches I’ve ever had.

I’m from Memphis, TN, which has a pulled pork/BBQ festival every year. There’s a BBQ restaurant so famous, it’ll FedEx menu items across the country. I grew up on this stuff, relentlessly comparing my hometown’s craft with everyone else’s. 

While Oink doesn’t doesn’t give me a sandwich slathered in sauce so there’s not a dry piece of pork on the whole thing (and all over my hands), it’s got it’s own delicious thing going: put haggis on the bun, then a heap of meat from the whole pig in the window, a little apple sauce (or BBQ sauce if I’m feeling homesick), and you’re done. The meat is so juicy I don’t need all the extra sauce I’m used to. In fact, if I were to ever go back to Memphis, I’d be looking in vain for Oink over there.

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