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Meet Melanie

That Melanie Surani is an author shouldn’t surprise anyone. She started writing short stories almost as soon as she learned how to read. Because of her parents’ vast library, it made perfect sense to her child brain that everyone eventually writes a book. Never one to tolerate boredom, her work veered toward the mysterious and weird. Today, her stories are no different.

As a collector, an avid traveller, and a lover of so much music, Melanie has a knack for finding beauty in the strangest places. She might be a stationery addict. She wants to pet a snow leopard.

Though she started out wanting to be a rock star, the quieter life of an author was a much better fit for this introvert. She’s written The Silent Treatment, a mystery about a lost silent film; Dark Museum, following kidnapped victims through an abandoned art exhibit; and Nowhere, Anywhere, where the main character disappears into a book.

Her vast pool of employment and living situations give her plenty of fodder for her projects.

Currently, Melanie runs her own business. She’s lived in three countries, has two passports, and travels abroad as often as possible. With family all over the world, there’s always an excuse to go. Melanie lives with her husband and cat in Scotland. One day she’ll live with a family of cheetahs in Africa somewhere.

Connect with Melanie on Instagram as @lostinthemuseum.

New, experimental work is available on Wattpad:

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Melanie is a member of International Thriller Writers.



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